Divna Pesic

Divna Pesic Grozdanov was born on 22nd September 1979 in Kavadarci, Republic of Macedonia.

She graduated from the Faculty of Philology in Skopje, Department of Macedonian and South-Slavonic Languages with American Studies. Later she finished Master of Economy science in Management and Banking.

Divna Pesic Grozdanov has been a professional sportsman for more then 20 years. She has been the best shooter off all times in the Republic of Macedonia in the discipline of small calibre rifle and air-rifle, holding 37 state records in both female and male competitions. So far she has twice become a champion of the Balkans and twice took part at the Olympic Games (Sydney, Australia, 2000, and Athens, Greece, 2004). She has been ranked among the top competitors in many European and World competitions.

She started her career as a painter when she was only 13 (oil on canvas) and so far has had 20 major exhibitions at home and abroad; Skopje, New York, Miami, Paris, Washington, Dusseldorf, Ljubljana, Istanbul.(www.divnapesic.com).

Divna Pesic won several awards at the American Art Awards 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019. She won FIRST PLACE at American Art Awards 2015 (www.americanartawards.com) in category Abstract with her painting, “Hard to Love You”, oil on canvas and FIRST PLACE in category Abstract Expressionism with her painting “Fuel Your Life”, oil on canvas. Divna won FIRST Place at AAA 2019 with her painting “Macedonian Treasure”.​

She was chosen first place at American Art Awards 2017 juried by 25 best museums and galleries across USA and was named the best abstract expressionist in the world!​

She was elected as second place from “33 EMERGING CREATIVE MINDS YOU NEED TO KNOW FOR 2011” by Sofi Art magazine, USA (www.SOFImag.com).​

One of her paintings, Protecting my Pride, it’s owned by her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth and it’s hanged at Buckingham Palace.​

Divna Pesic’s art works were shown on the biggest billboard in Manhattan, NYC, as a selected artist from around the world by See.Me Take Times Square 2014.

She lives and works in the USA.​

Individual exhibitions:​

2016- Lena Di Gangi Gallery, Totowa, USA​

2015 – Macedonian Embassy in Washington DC, Washington, USA

2013 – Gallery Kambur, Istanbul, Turkey​

2012 – Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, New York, USA

2010 – CityLoftArt Gallery, Miami, USA

2010 – Museum of the City of Skopje, Skopje, Macedonia

2009 – Hotel Golf, Bled, Slovenia

2009 – Hotel Apollonia, Gevgelija, Macedonia

2009 – Kavadarci House of Culture, Kavadarci, Macedonia

2008 – National Gallery of Macedonia, Multimedia Centre Mala Stanica, Skopje, Macedonia

2006 – National Gallery of Macedonia, Cifte Hammam, Skopje, Macedonia

2002 – Dusseldorf Gallery, Dusseldorf, Germany

2001 – ARM Centre, Skopje, Macedonia

1997 – Kavadarci City Museum, Kavadarci, Macedonia​

Group exhibitions:​

2018- Museum of Sinj, Sinj, Croatia

2014- Gallery Zero, New York, USA

2012 – Macedonian Embassy in Paris, Paris, France

2012 – CityLoftArt Gallery, Miami, USA

2012 – Prostor Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2012 – Centre of Culture, Shtip, Macedonia

2012 – Bezisten Gallery, Kocani, Macedonia

2009 – Kavadarci House of Culture, Kavadarci, Macedonia

2005 – Kora Gallery, Skopje, Macedonia

2004 – Kavadarci House of Culture, Kavadarci, Macedonia

2002 – Kora Gallery, Skopje, Macedonia

2001 – Katerini City Museum, Katerini, Greece

2000 – Kavadarci House of Culture, Kavadarci, Macedonia

Contact: [email protected]