Kinsan Chung

Kinsan Chung was born in Hong Kong in 1963, and has been painting watercolors from an early age. Some of his early works were influenced by his career in the Hong Kong Police Force, and since 2007 he has been a full time artist.

His artwork hangs in museums in Hong Kong and overseas as well as private collections including those of the last Governor of Hong Kong, Mr. Chris Patten, and King Henry de Luxembourg.

Kinsan continues to paint and exhibit his work, which now includes Chinese ink and mixed materials as well as his watercolors. The 10m long major work “The Unity of the World” displaying images of hundreds of people who have influenced life in Hong Kong, was exhibited in Hong Kong and China and in the New Art magazine in Italy in 2011.

More recently, in 2015, his new art work has been collected by the Beijing Diaoyutai State, to represent Hong Kong, and he was invited to join the international art exhibition at the Singapore Visual Art Centre.

Qualified as China national first-class artist

Founder of Kinsan Chung Museum

Chief Consultant of Exquis International and China Galeri Exquis

Visiting Professor of Guangzhou Radio and Television Broadcast University of China

President of the Hong Kong Branch of China International Cities Literature Association

Overseas Hon. Advisor Federation of Singapore Art Societies

Chinese Fan Art Society, the ambassador of the Chinese hero promotion

Art Consultant of China Star Light Charity Fund Association

Executive Chairman of Hong Kong International Masters Celebrity Association

International Committee Advisor of Federation of World Culture and Arts and Society (Singapore)

Art Consultant of Arts De Chine Museum

Life Hon. President of International Cultural& Art Research Insititute

Member of Frattina Associazione Culturale Internazionale Roma Italia

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Nature is wonderful. I used to jog along riverside every morning, enjoying the warm breeze and watching the happy birds flying. This had inspired me to create a painting of a peaceful world that everyone loved to live in -Xanadu.

I started with drawing some little green grasses on a 5-metre-long paper. Grass is tiny, yet vital and adaptive. It tells the presence of wind in Xanadu. When looking closer, one can see the grasses moving slightly in the wind. The movement gives vitality to Xanadu.

Xanadu is unique to the biodiversity, that it Kinsan Chung Exhibits various species of plants in the world. The rare plants inhabiting this stratum include Shy Grass, Cyperus, Ranunculus, Plantago Aisatica, Seven Magic Flower and Purslane originating from Mexico.

Next to the grasses, there are stones of various sizes. They are the eldest antique of the world and they had witnessed the long history of nature and human beings. Growing on the stones are some fresh enchanting green moss and lichen. They co-inhabit with the stones in Xanadu.

In Xanadu, there are one hundred butterflies of various colors and shapes, symbolizing distinct stories of mankind. Everyone’s story is different yet exciting and dazzling. The ravishing butterflies are attracted by a linden tree with some whirling around it. On the tree, there are layers of bark resembling wrinkles on an old man’s face. Their connection is compared to that between stones and green mosses. Also, little animals like dragonflies and spiral shells form part of the mother nature.

Xanadu is a haven for one hundred birds that include crowned cranes, white cranes, egrets, green herons, black faced herons, black storks, marsh sandpipers and sparrows. Standing at the centre of the lake are a pair of cranes and a pair of black storks. Seemingly, they are the main characters. The river water flows quietly from the distant to the near and several small rivers converge at the lake. This “water” is the source of life.

Xanadu was created with an ancient Chinese way of thinking. It is a convergence of Chinese classic literature and poetry. It is a creation of realism that shows the Chinese philosophy of dealing with life. I hope every soul and spirit can gather at Xanadu to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and this heavenly paradise.

Kinsan Chung.