Marco Colletti


Studio: Via Principe Amedeo 175, 00185 Rome, Italy 0039 3473675091

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Marco Colletti works and lives in Rome, Italy.

He graduated from La Sapienza University in Rome with a degree in Literature in 1990.

Starting from chromatically upgraded photos of abandoned places, he inserts a magical figuration that redeems the oblivion into which that specific place has sunk, which is the symbol of a more general re-discovery of a secret world of values.

Historic gardens, baroque patrician villas, details of ancient arches or forgotten natural places are the ideal environment to bring to life these apparitions that, once manifest, tend to escape, to hide from the eyes of the beholder, leaving a question in the mind of spectators: ”Somebody will ask me – the Artist says – the meaning of my works, for example a frog on the top of a green psychedelic disco ball held by the ancient statue of Atlantis: well, if he feels them beautiful, he has already found the meaning”.

The theme of disguise and concealment is the basis of his poetry. His works are made following unconsciously the same rules of a poem or a dream: an ideal reality that cannot be fully revealed because it could vanish.

Visions is a cycle of digital works, who starts an oneiric journey from the mysterious rock’s shapes of the island of Capri through typical Italian heads of grain fields and hidden waterfalls.

Besides his work as a Digital Artist, Marco Colletti is also an Illustrator and Art Director for international publishers such as The Walt Disney Company.
He has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions, and his works can be found in various private collections.

Group exhibitions

2021-2022- The Art Design Project, Miami

2017  –  Junk Food, Il Margutta, Rome

2016  –  Original Shopping, Palazzo Passarini Falletti, Rome

2015  –  Cornucopia Obsession, Il Margutta, Rome

2014  –  Madame & Monsieur, Palazzo Passarini Falletti, Rome

2014  –  Double-face, 7 Vizi per 7 Virtù, Il Margutta, Rome

2013  –  ACcordamenti, The Hub, Rome

2013  –  Carosello, Il Margutta, Rome 

2012  –  Polvere di Stelle d’Arte, Il Margutta, Rome

2012  –  finalist at La Rétina Lucente, LVII Mostra Nazionale d’Arte Contemporanea-Premio Città di Termoli

2011  –  Emergenze Origami, Centrale Montemartini, Rome

2010  –  finalist at the Premio Internazionale Massenzio Arte, Rome

2010  –  Le luci italiane di Marguerite Yourcenar, Palazzo Manni, Orte, and Villa Adriana, Tivoli

2010  –  Emergenze Arte Roma 2010,  Chiostro della Basilica dei SS. Apostoli, Rome

2010  –  finalist at Il Circuito dell’Arte, Museo Pietro Canonica, Rome

2010  –  finalist at  Art’Ambiente, Nuova Fiera di Roma, Rome

2009  –  Emergenze Arte Roma 2009, Chiostro della Basilica dei SS. Apostoli, Rome

2009  –  Happy Birthday, Studio Ferraro arte contemporanea, Rome

2009  –  Temple University, Rome

Solo exhibitions

2011  –  The Secret Garden, Il Margutta, Rome

2008  –  The Secret Garden , SpazioTre, Milan